Philanthropy and volunteer work seem to be the two things people have a challenging time working into their busy lifestyles. The thing is, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. Below is a list of some things you may want to consider before deeming volunteer work as unattainable in your schedule.

Do the Research
When people hear philanthropy, they often think it means dedicating a lot of time or money they don’t have, so they won’t have the opportunity to give back to the community in this way. However, with the abundance of philanthropic initiatives out there now and the growing accessibility of the internet, it’s actually quite easy to find an organization that will work best for your lifestyle. Talk to community members through online forums and social media pages, hop on the phone with some local representatives, and even do some basic research on local website properties in the area. To volunteer to help a particular community, you have to know your own community first.

Figure Out What You’re Trying to Accomplish
How large or small scale of an impact you’re looking to make can greatly affect which organizations you decide to donate your time and money to. Even deciding what sort of way you are seeking to give back to the community is an important thing to consider: are you looking to donate money? Are you looking to donate time? Are you hoping to begin your own unique initiative? What sort of initiatives are you looking to help with? How involved do you want to be? These are all important questions to consider before jumping in head first or dismissing philanthropic work as something not achievable in your lifestyle.

Get Inspired
Lastly, ensuring what you’re involved with is exactly what you want to be involved with is the key to having a successful experience working for or donating to initiatives. Is the initiative something you care deeply about and can commit yourself to? If not, you may want to look for a more suitable fit. Feeling inspired on a day to day basis to make a difference can completely transform your experience with an organization.

Sure, in the end, giving back is giving back, but if you don’t feel motivated and driven to help in all ways you can, it might be time to search for a better fit. It feels good to give back, why not let it feel great?