As enjoyable as it is to own a bunch of material items, an abundance of the average person’s inventory is  going to waste or sitting around without use. This can applicable to just about anything, for instance, from the bicycle that’s been in the back of your shed for six years, to the pile of too-small clothing you told yourself you’d sell to a consignment store last summer.

But why not just donate all that unwearable clothing taking up space? This simple, servicing, and eco-friendly way of sharing your wealth will not only make someone else feel good, but it will also make you feel good. If you’re in the great city of Minneapolis like myself, you might be wondering where to go. Below outlines some of the best places to donate used clothing in the city area.

Savers is a standard that goes beyond the Minnesota borders, so if you’re reading this and not from Minneapolis, you might just find a store near you! For my neighbors living in the city, there’s a location at the Hi-Lake Shopping Center. They are always looking for more donations, and it’s also a great place to shop! A little bit on the higher end of thrift stores, Savers might not be your top pick after seeing more local options, but this place is a staple you can always depend on, no matter your location.  

Sharing & Caring Hands

This place is a Minneapolis favorite. Sharing & Caring Hands deeply cares about their mission and where your clothes go. In fact, Sharing & Caring Hands is very upfront about the whopping 91% of money they donate to the needs of the poor and the sparse and impressive small number of 9% that goes towards management and fundraising. At this place, you can be sure that your clothes are going to the right place and that you’re working with an organization really looking to uplift and better their community.

Ready for Success

This center has a more specific mission: providing low income individuals with clothing that is appropriate for interviews and business meetings. This organization strives to individualize the experience of each person who visits them for their services, assigning them a personal guide who helps pick out clothing and accessories that work best for them. If you find yourself getting rid of a lot of blazers and dress pants, this might be the place to pay a visit to.     

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

This place is a local favorite. With great deals, a large variety for selecting from, and a lovely surrounding neighborhood, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is a great place to donate (and even pick up!) some clothing. This strongly charity-driven organization is a great place to donate your goods and trust that they are going to a good place.  

With this guide, we hope the next time you start cleaning out your closet or even going as far as buying another shelving unit for all your clutter, think about the benefits donating your used clothing can provide for another individual. No act is too big or too small, and it’s never a bad day to be a little extra charitable.